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6 Cs

Student speaks into a microphone


Through mastery of communication, students will:

  • present information in a meaningful way to a range of audiences through a variety of media
  • communicate clearly and concisely in an effective and engaging manner
Student holds a bridge made out of popsicle sticks


By developing critical thinking skills, students will:

  • evaluate, filter and analyze information and arguments
  • make connections and identify patterns
  • problem-solve
  • experiment, reflect and take action
  • use information to create solutions
Students working together to build a project in a class room


The ability to collaborate effectively allows students to:

  • work as and with a team
  • manage and be a part of a team
  • team build
  • benefit a community
  • lead and assist
Children painting


Creativity allows students to:

  • express themselves
  • have both structure and function
  • inquire
  • consider and pursue ideas and solutions
  • gain purpose
Students in Graduation Gowns watching Ceremony


By developing a strong character, students will:

  • make learning a part of life
  • persevere, persist and have passion
  • contribute to benefit of others
  • show self-regulation and responsibility
Boy Scouts and Marching Band at Nagel Middle School


By mastering skills of citizenship, students will:

  • understand and consider global issues, diverse values and world views
  • solve problems
  • understand and support human and environmental sustainability
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