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Turpin High School Amplifies Student Voices with Senior Exit Interviews

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Turpin High School Amplifies Student Voices with Senior Exit Interviews

Mar 26, 2024
THS Principal Andy Jados poses next to the senior exit interview bulletin board

Turpin High School Principal Andy Jados has launched a new initiative to boost student voices and gather suggestions for improvements. Senior Exit Interviews are an opportunity for Mr. Jados to meet with every Turpin senior who will be graduating in May 2024 and hear about their experiences at the school. Most of the graduating students have attended Turpin all four years of high school, so their feedback will be valuable when making improvements for the coming school years.  

Mr. Jados has been periodically sitting down with seniors during this school year, asking them questions that range from describing their future plans to how they would improve Turpin. After completing their interviews, the class of 2024 signs the Senior Exit Interviews bulletin board in Turpin’s front office. 

“It has been a great experience meeting with each senior and hearing about their time at Turpin High School,” said Mr. Jados. “I appreciate any feedback they offer, which will help make improvements to the school experience for all students.” 

Besides talking about their future plans and offering suggestions during the interviews, students are also asked to name a Turpin staff member who has made a positive impact on them and explain why. Mr. Jados will share what the seniors appreciate with his entire staff to show their direct impact on students. 

Senior Exit Interviews are new to Turpin students, but this is not the first time Mr. Jados has conducted a project like this one. He has done similar interviews with seniors at two other schools he has worked for, tweaking certain aspects to make them more effective. 

“Many companies and businesses have a process like this. My goal is that these interviews will allow the graduating seniors to have their voices heard while enhancing the Turpin experience for current and future students.”

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