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In Forest Hills, scientific learning at the elementary level focuses on motivating and exciting students to learn about the natural and physical world. Through scientific inquiry and application, FHSD elementary students learn three areas of science: physical science, Earth and space science, and life science. Student scientists are encouraged to ask questions and use their knowledge of scientific processes, concepts and tools to find answers to their questions. Scientific learning and proficiency are shown by developing the skills below:

Designing technological/ engineering solutions using science concepts

Students solve science-based engineering or technological problems through the application of scientific inquiry.

Demonstrating scientific knowledge

Students use scientific inquiry and develop the ability to think and act in ways associated with inquiry including asking questions, planning and conducting investigations, using appropriate tools and techniques to gather and organize data, thinking critically and logically about relationships between evidence and explanations, constructing and analyzing alternative explanations, and communicating scientific arguments.

Interpreting and communicating scientific concepts
Students use subject-specific conceptual knowledge to interpret and explain events, phenomena, concepts and experiences using scientific terminology, technical knowledge and mathematical knowledge. Students communicate with clarity, focus and organization using rich, investigative scenarios, real-world data and valid scientific information.

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