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Forest Hills School District operates six elementary schools that serve students in pre-kindergarten through grade six. The instruction emphasizes personalized learning that empowers students to grow academically, socially and emotionally. Students engage in learning experiences focused on English language arts, mathematics, health and wellness, social studies, visual and performing arts, science and technology.

Courses of Study

Forest Hills School District regularly revisits the core instructional subjects to review and modify the educational approach in classrooms. Teams of professional, dedicated and knowledgeable K-12 educators develop a framework for the different subjects, defining things like areas of focus, program philosophy and goals, instructional practices and more. All courses of study are created following careful review of current learning standards set by the State of Ohio, in addition to current learning theory and best professional practices.

Click here for a current list of the Forest Hills Courses of Study

Early Learning Programs

You can learn about the Forest Hills Preschool Program by clicking here.

The Forest Hills Preschool Program uses an online application and lottery system for Peer Model acceptance into the Preschool Program. Please visit the Peer Model Information section of our Preschool page to learn more about enrolling. 


The Forest Hills School District kindergarten program is shaped by the belief that all children are capable, engaged learners who thrive in a child-centered, safe environment. Students develop a curiosity and excitement for learning in a setting that promotes positive academic, social and emotional development. Forest Hills’ innovative program is designed to promote discovery and choice, as well as develop the strengths and address the needs of each child, to help students build a strong foundation for future success. The kindergarten classroom celebrates diversity and individual student contributions. Through collaboration, interaction and learning through play (purposeful play that supports learning goals), the whole child is developed.

Forest Hills School District offers full-day and half-day kindergarten. To read more, click here.


Assessments are a very important aspect of learning as they assist in progress monitoring, evaluation of instruction, and engaging students in their own academic and personal learning. Essentially, assessments enhance student, parent and teacher understanding of student learning; show evidence of progress; identify students who may need additional enrichment or intervention supports; and guide instruction toward course material mastery and personal growth.

Forest Hills believes in a balanced assessment approach that blends assessments from local, state and national perspectives and:

  • begins with establishing clear goals and monitoring progress toward those goals along the way
  • guides student learning and maximizes achievement for all students
  • provides data with the intent of improving, measuring, and maximizing student growth
  • identifies what students already know and what they need to learn
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