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Parent Resource Coordinator

FHSD's Parent Resource Coordinator, Alycia Champion, manages the BRIDGES parent support group and provides information on special education processes, laws, support groups and resources to parents and the district so both can work collaboratively to help each child be successful. She is the parent of a child with special needs and therefore has a shared perspective that helps her address questions and concerns with compassion, as well as provide valuable assistance to parents.

COVID-19/Coronavirus Resources

Federal Guidance

3/21/20 Supplemental Fact Sheet Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Schools While Service Children with Disabilities

United States Department of Education FAQ on Providing Services to Children with Disabilities during COVID-19

Fact Sheet: Addressing the Risk of COVID-19 in Schools While Protecting the Civil Rights of Students 

Ohio Department of Education Guidance

COVID-19 Information for Ohio’s Schools and Districts -then click the button labeled serving students with disabilities

FHSD Guidance

FHSD Guidance & Parent Update related to COVID-19 closures (May 2020)

FHSD Guidande for Special Education Instruction/Access during the COVID-19 Updated 3/30/2020

FHSD Remote Learning FAQ for Families of Students with Disabilities

Anxiety Resources

Ohio Department of Health - Coping with COVID-19 Anxiety 

General Resources

Cincinnati Zoo Home Safaris

COVID-1 Whiteboard Social Narrative Video

Here is a Social Story for helping your child understand the COVID-19 Virus and how it will affect their daily activities.
Here are videos from the CDC on Handwashing.


Informational Article of the Month:

February 2020: Executive Functioning Strategies for your Child

March 2020:  Social Anxiety in Kids:  What You Need to Know

February 2020Executive Functioning Strategies for your Child

January 2020: How to help students with learning disabilities focus on their strengths 

December 2019: Tips for Sensory-Friendly Holidays 

November 2019: Self-Advocacy is something you may not be prioritizing when your student very young, but these skills can be introduced in many ways can greatly enhance the lives of our children as they become teens and young adults. Although this article is not new, it is full of great information, articles, and videos on Self-Advocacy

ODE review informational update: 

December 2019: FHSD provides an update on the action plan

August 2019: FHSD creates action plan following Ohio Department of Education on-site review




Parent Caregiver Online Support Group

All district flyers




Special Education FAQ

A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education

Ohio Operating Standards for Students for the Education of Children with  Disabilities, a guide to state rule and regulations for students with disabilities in Ohio.

Lending library - books, videos, magazines and other resources focused on various disabilities and available through the Parent Resource Coordinator

Family Resource Network - special education information, links and other resources

"Who Are Parent Resource Coordinators and BRIDGES Parent Representatives?"

The Center for Parent Information & Resources - nation-wide hub dedicated to sharing information with families and parent centers who serve families of children with disabilities 

The Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities - Ohio's parent center


Past BRIDGES Presentations

Recognizing Signs of Depression and What to Do About It (February, 2019)

Navigating Social Norms - March 2018 parent presentation

Targeting Daily Living Skills in Children and Adolescents -- January 2018 parent presentation

Sensory Processing Skills and Self-Regulation -- November 2017 parent presentation

When Behavior Is a Challenge -- March 2017 parent presentation

Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports and Response to Intervention  - November 2016 parent presentation

Understanding Sensory Integration - October 2019

Supporting Your Student's Executive Functioning - February 2020



Alycia Champion
Parent Resource Coordinator
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